Horizon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. is an emerging healthcare company located in Karachi, Pakistan focused on the commercialization of innovative molecules in order to combat with the increasing incidence of the chronic diseases, working under the leadership of seasoned and experienced marketing executive.
We want to give people health and happiness by providing them best possible health products at the most reasonable cost.
Our customers are local and national health care providers. In community our customers consider us partners in providing the best possible care, since we share the goal of enhancing the patient’s quality of life.
Our employees are well trained in their profession with the exceptional track record, they are truly our strength possessing rich practice in their field.
Our distributors are well versed with the art to make our products available at the destined places all the times. They have excellent coverage through out the country and possess the outstanding storage facilities.
Our reputation is based on the responsiveness & high standards. Our products are prominent in the current scenario of high competition. Our foundation is on the creative and progressive techniques used for the promotion of the products. We will consolidate Horizon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. position, strength and our image by further exploiting our acquired skills and technologies. To grow continually and improve our business we are open for business collaborations with the overseas pharmaceuticals of high repute.
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